Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A big pile of feltiness...

I had a little go at felting last winter, boiled up some wool sweaters from the thrift store and a bit of needle felting from a kit. I found the process really satisfying so when I saw Betz White's book Warm Fuzzies at the library recently I checked it out. Last week while Freja was at pre-school Magnus and I hit the thrift store and came away with a big stash of wooly sweaters. This picture is the result of felting it all.

They've all had one cycle through our washing machine on the sanitise cycle, which I'm assuming is the boil wash. I did them in three batches and the dye ran a lot (that purple one was a light blue/mauve before it went in with the red jumpers) so I'm glad I kept the colours vaguely separate. I followed the instructions in the book to cut off and open up the arms before felting, so that they don't get a creased line all the way down them. I think I'm going to have a go at some more of the cupcake pincushions from the book and I'm also trying to think of ways to use the red and green for something Christmassy.

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