Friday, January 8, 2010

A button bracelet

My lovely Secret Santa sent me these gorgeous buttons as part of my pressie and as they are so pretty I wanted to try and make them into some kind of jewellery. I used some wire (gold because that's all I had, left over from our wedding favours) to weave through the holes and link them all together. This gives it a nice amount of stiffness and helps stop the buttons twisting. To cover up the wire I threaded some very fine ribbon over the top. Initially I was thinking it would be a necklace with the buttons just in front, but then I decided it works better as a bracelet. I don't have any clasps at the moment so for now I'll just have to get someone to help me tie it on with a bow. Thank you Lucy! :)


  1. Gorgeous! I loved the buttons when I chose them and I love them even more now! Next year can we fix it so you're my secret santa? Then you can send me a button bracelet ;)
    So glad you liked,
    Lucy x

  2. I do love the sheen from the pearly buttons. Very earthy tones -- nice!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and Following! Very much appreciated. (Now you've got me all smiling.) I will be reciprocating; looking forward to more updates of your crafty adventures!

  3. lovely bracelet. i did a necklace with buttons which i wear all the time, you have inspiredd me to do a bracelet now!