Monday, March 1, 2010

A colourful twirly skirt for Freja

Freja chose these fabrics when we were in the fabric shop last week, they are very bright and summery with ice cream and cupcakes and strawberries. The pattern is the Insa skirt from the Farbenmix book that I made the leggings from at the weekend. I managed to get it all done in an evening, including tracing out the pattern. Using a rotary cutter and mat to cut things out is so much speedier than scissors.

She seems to like it and insisted on wearing it today even thought there is still snow on the ground, can you tell she chose the tights herself?

And here's a blurry picture to demonstrate it has twirlability:


  1. That IS a lovely twirly skirt. How about making one for yourself as well :)

    I have been thinking about getting a rotary cutter and big cutting mat... Just so I can kick-start sewing from a dress pattern.

  2. So pretty! I'd like one of those please... Using a rotary cutter and a mat for fabrics is brilliant isn't it.

  3. Juanita, you NEED a rotary cutter, marvellous things! Very handy for patchwork too ;)

    Not sure I'm brave enough for these colours myself, although I do rather like the strawberries, maybe an apron...