Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've had hoops on the list of things to get for the kids for a while because the ones we did have got left out on the deck in the summer and pretty much melted, and it's hilarious rolling a hoop along the ground and watching Magnus chase it.

I've also been reading a few things about hooping as not just for kids recently, (thanks Helena) so I thought that while I was at it I'd take a look into adult-sized ones. Turns out adult ones are huuuuge compared to the ones you can get in a toy shop, it makes it much easier to learn because each revolution takes longer. The ones you can buy start at about $30 plus shipping but I also found this very helpful tutorial on that shows you how to make your own from plastic pipe which costs about $30 for 100ft, enough for several hoops.

My parents were here for Christmas so Dad and I took a trip to Tractor Supply Co. for supplies. Dad was in heaven with all the tools and hardware but we managed to get out without too much that wasn't on our list (although I did find a metal potholder loom in the discounted Xmas section, more on that another time...). We got the pipe cutter suggested on the tutorial, it cut through the pipe like butter, and sticking the ends of the tube in a boiling kettle softened them up enough to get the connectors in easily (according to Dad who did it for me!)

The next step was to decorate them, I've just gone for electrical tape on these but if I make more I might look out for some fancier tape. I did Magnus' first with alternating orange and yellow and should really have done a solid base layer first because the pipe underneath is black so it shows through a bit. For Freja's I did a solid base of pink with green and yellow stripes, and mine is red (mostly, I ran out a bit early!) with pink and blue stripes.

Now we just need to learn to use them. Right now I can just about keep my hoop up around my waist, having always been hoop-challenged in the past, the large hoop really does make a difference. I have a DVD which I'm hoping to watch when Magnus' head is not in hooping distance because they are pretty heavy! I think Freja will gets it soon and Magnus is happy to just roll his and jump into it on the ground for now.

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